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#GirlsToo is a national campaign to shift the deeply entrenched norms that lead to sexual harassment and violence in our society, and to create a culture where all girls and young people grow up safe, respected, and valued.

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Sexual harassment and violence is an epidemic and it starts at a young age. Still, as a society we perpetuate attitudes and behaviors that harm girls and follow them into adulthood. #MeToo brought the issue mainstream. Let’s address the root cause. Together, we can build a more equitable society that values and promotes the dignity of all people.

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Did You Know?

1 in 4 Girls

Experiences sexual abuse or sexual assault by the age of 18

7 in 10 Girls

Are sexually harassed at some point in high school

The Problem Girl

the Problem

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the Problem

Girls today grow up in a society that does not always value, respect, or protect them. They experience sexual harassment and violence at school, work, and online. At the root of this problem are limiting messages and harmful gender stereotypes that youth receive at a very young age, which create an imbalance of power that follows them into adulthood.

the Solution

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the Solution

We must unite to stop the sexual harassment and violence that girls face and create a healthier, safer culture for all young people. The problem is vast but change is achievable. There are steps that each of us – youth, parents, educators, and concerned adults – can and must take to change the way girls and women are viewed and valued.


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When we examine our attitudes and beliefs about gender and power, take seriously the experiences and concerns of young people, and speak up against sexual harassment and violence of any kind, then we will change the culture and create a society where all girls grow up safe, respected, and valued.


Pledge below to join in the movement against sexual harassment and violence.

  • I believe that every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and that discrimination against girls and women harms everyone.
  • I recognize that our society perpetuates violence against women and girls, and I‘m committed to helping change the culture.
  • I will respect others and honor their right to say no.
  • I will no longer accept sexual harassment and sexual violence as part of growing up.
  • I will reflect on my own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors related to gender and sex, and challenge others to do the same.
  • I will take action to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and violence and support those affected.
  • Together, we will create a more equitable society that values and promotes the dignity of girls and all young people.

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